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ERIMA 2008. Organización, Gente, Tecnología y Sociedad Innovadoras.


OPORTO (Portugal) 6-7 Noviembre 2008

OPORTO (Portugal) 6-7 Noviembre 2008

OPORTO (Portugal)
6-7 Noviembre 2008

Innovative Organisation
  • Models, Tools and Methods for Innovation Management
  • Fieldwork and Storytelling of Innovative Management Practises
  • Creativity/Innovation culture
  • IntraEntrepreneurship initiatives
Innovative People
  • Creative routines, cultures and behaviours
  • Education, learning and knowledge flows in practice
  • Professional virtual and informal communities
  • Participative innovation and ideas management
Innovative Technology
  • Creativity tools and methods
  • Collaborative environment
  • Enterprise interoperability
  • Product/service usage management
Innovative Society
  • Combining economic social and environmental objectives
  • Innovative sustainable public policies
  • Innovative welfare development
  • Innovative services
More information and registration: http://www.erima.estia.fr/2008/index.php