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Post-Doctoral Researcher


Position offered: Post Doctoral Researcher

Position offered: Post Doctoral Researcher



Young and motivated PhD graduates with experience in either molecular and cell biology, or nanocarrier technology. Certain level of knowledge of English language is necessary, yet we also speak Spanish.


Department of Pharmacology – University of Pennsylvania Medical School. Philadelphia.


Site-specific targeting of therapeutics for inborn errors of metabolism (lysosomal storage disorders) and vascular disorders (oxidative stress) by nanocarriers. The proposed plan includes generation of interest (mainly recombinant enzymes), and characterization of their delivery and therapeutic properties in both cell cultures and laboratory animals. State-of-the art techniques to be utilized have been already optimized in our lab and include carrier formultation, molecular and cell biology, microscopy, and small procedures in animal models. This is a high impact, translational type of project in a collaborative environment, optimal for rapid scientific development.


Silvia Muro, PhD
Research Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
Institute for Environmental Medicina
University of Pennsylvania Medical School
1 John Morgan
3620 Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia. PA. 19104