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HEPL, nueva revista sobre políticas sanitarias


“Health Economics, Policy and Law”

“Health Economics, Policy and Law”

“Health Economics, Policy and Law” – HEPL

Gregg Bloche, Georgetown University, USA
William Hsiao, Harvard School of Public Health, USA
Martin Knapp, LSE Health and Social Care, UK
Elias Mossialos, LSE Health and Social Care, UK
Adam Oliver, LSE Health and Social Care, UK
Thomas Rice, University of California, USA
Bo Rothstein, Gothenburg University, Sweden
Wynand van de Ven, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

International trends highlight the confluence of economics, politics and legal considerations in the health policy process. Health Economics, Policy and Law will serve as a forum for scholarship on health policy issues from these perspectives, and will be of use to academics, policy makers and health care managers and professionals. HEPL will be international in scope, will publish both theoretical and applied work, and will contain articles on all aspects of health policy. Considerable emphasis will be placed on rigorous conceptual development and analysis, and on the presentation of empirical evidence that is relevant to the policy process.

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