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The Application of Complexity Science to Human Affairs


28 de febrero de 2006 Milton Keynes.U.K.

28 de febrero de 2006 Milton Keynes.U.K.


28 de febrero de 2006
Open University
Milton Keynes.

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The overarching theme of the day is how we may apply our understanding of complexity science concepts and principles to human affairs. There will be presentations and discussion sessions on a range of interconnected topics such as: changing communities in areas of high deprivation, improving education services, policy making in urban policy and planning, transforming thinking about the use of IT for business benefit and the political implications of complexity thinking. Presenters are drawn from both academic and practitioner communities. There are also two discussion sessions designed to build upon key presentations and to further explore the themes that emerge during the day. Complexity science and its application outside the hard sciences is gaining more and more acceptance and is a perspective not to be missed!

Dr Elizabeth McMillan
Centre for Complexity & Change
Technology Faculty
Pentz Building
Open University
Milton Keynes