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Innovación en el Sector Público


Bruselas, 2 de diciembre 2005

Bruselas, 2 de diciembre 2005


A Publin policy workshop on ‘Innovation in the public sector’ will take place in Brussels, Belgium, on 2 December.

Organised by the EU funded FP5 Publin project, in cooperation with the European Commission and the Research Council of Norway, the overall objective of the workshop is to discuss concrete policy strategies aimed at strengthening public sector innovation.

The Publin project has studied innovation in the public sector for three years. The researchers have made use of literature from a wide variety of disciplines, interviewed public sector employees, civil servants and policy makers, and conducted surveys of attitudes towards public innovation.

The agenda will include presentations on:

– innovation in the public sector: what do we know?;
– barriers and drivers for public sector innovation;
– concrete cases from the Publin study: what have we learned?;
– innovation in the public sector in economies in transition;
– innovation in the sectors for health and social services;
– public innovation and belief systems, with a particular focus on new public management;
– development of policies for public sector innovation.

For further information, please visit: http://www.step.no/publin/workshop.html